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December 22, 2011
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Vector of my OC Pony Winston Flats by RedmondRoshi Vector of my OC Pony Winston Flats by RedmondRoshi
Decided to make myself as a pony. Used Big Macintosh as a template, removed the yoke, and added a flat cap. Name is a combination of my nickname at school "Winston" and the flat cap that got me that nickname, thus Winston Flats.

His back-story:

"He grew up in the slums of Seaddle with his three siblings. Facing many hardships he found himself working at a young age, depressed, and struggling in school. Life became even more complicated when he graduated high school... as a blank flank!

Eventually he found himself working for a famous game manufacturer in an uptown suburb and things started looking up for him. He found out many important things about himself... that he could have friends... that things do get better... and that his super-special talent was reading and creating schematic drawing!

With his new found confidence, friend and cutie mark; he finally felt like he could go back to school, where he is currently studying to be an architectural designer!"
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